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Artwork: Hilma af Klimt, two swans

About Ophidia

Ophidia is a mental health and spiritual health collective serving youth, adults and couples who reside in B.C and Ontario. We are currently providing counselling services for clients virtually. 

What does Ophidia mean?

Ophidia / a group of reptiles whom have the nature or character of snakes or serpents. 

The inspiration of our name comes from the archetypal qualities of a serpent, a powerful metaphor for shedding. They are potent symbols for transformation and healing. The snake eating it's own tale, a ouroboros, has roots in historical, mythological and psychological references. The Ouroboros is a symbol for the integration and assimilation of ourselves. This is ongoing and everlasting, much like a therapeutic experience can be. We are continuously shifting, and evolving, each time growing more fully into ourselves, then shedding once again. This extends beyond the individual experience, mirroring what we collectively share and endure. 

How we work 

Each therapist at Ophidia offers different specializations and modalities. You can find more about each therapist  


Modalities include: 

  • jungian

  • gestalt

  • narrative

  • existential

  • aedp

  • sensorimotor 

  • somatic

  • internal family systems

  • acceptance and commitment therapy

  • sandplay and expressive therapy


Scope of Practice



Relational Trauma

Sex Therapy

Childhood Trauma

Disordered Eating 


Life Transitions


Intimacy & Relationships

Attachment Patterns

Intergenerational Trauma

Body & Self

Chronic Pain/Illness

Grief & Loss

LGBTQ+ Experiences


Spiritual Emergencies

Religious Trauma 


Mood Disorders

DID & Personality "Disorders"

Parts Work - Integration




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