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Anxiety, grief, and despair are natural occurrences we all experience from time to time. When our experiences become over-whelming or too complex to navigate alone, therapy can become one of the most powerful resources offered to us. 

It's my belief that therapy isn't just about us; it's an act of humanity. If we move into a therapeutic relationship with courage, openness and curiosity, we can leave with greater compassion for ourselves and others and a deeper understanding of our lived experiences. From there, we can graciously step into the next phase of ourselves, to live our lives from a place of purpose and acceptance. 

I honour your courage to look within in order to step into your fullest self, it is my greatest privilege to witness. 


Alisa is a Registered Clinical Counsellor serving clients in B.C. She is a Ph.D student in transpersonal psychology and philosophy. She specializes in spiritual emergencies, self-exploration, disordered eating and bereavement. If you are interested in working with Alisa specifically, please email

Individual Session (50 minutes) $185 + gst




Whatever you may be going through, you deserve a space to be seen and heard. I believe that we heal through safe relationships. I use an integrative, relational, non-judgmental, LGBTQ2IA+ affirming, and trauma-informed approach that is geared towards exploring the complexities and intersectionalities of your life. Our sessions will provide a space where you can become curious about yourself. We will engage in work that explores your inner self, hopefully bringing you closer to living your most authentic life. I support individuals who have experienced a range of life experiences and difficulties including life transitions, diminished self-esteem, intimacy concerns or issues, feelings of disconnect from self and others, sexual trauma, and experiences of violence. I use a non-pathologizing approach, meaning that we will focus on the ways of being that you may have developed as means of protection in response to traumas you have experienced. In our work together, we will come to identify and actively choose whether these behaviours and thought patterns still serve you today. Our session will offer you space to tell your story, and I look forward to having your story witnessed and shared with me.


Taryn is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Sex Therapist in Ontario. She works with adults and youth through a relational and trauma-informed perspective. She specializes in trauma, sex & intimacy, life transitions, burnout, and LGBTQ2IA+ experiences. If you are interested in working with Taryn specifically, please email

Individual Session (50 mins) $150 + hst 





Christabelle’s approach strives to create space for clients to connect with their own strength and expansive potential. She believes that learning to sense our inner and outer world improves our navigation through it, and loves to see clients’ capacity expand beyond what they thought was possible. As a Somatic focused practitioner, she centres the body in the therapeutic process and often uses movement or expressive arts as a way to dialogue with oneself. She hopes for her clients to gain more awareness of themselves and connection to the unconscious so that they may move through life with dignity and authenticity. She is inspired by orientations that hold reverence for the complexity of the human experience, such as the Gestalt, Jungian and Existential traditions. With a background in trauma sensitive movement and health coaching, she acknowledges the ways in which both our immediate circumstances and our culture at large can impact us and aims to attend to this in a way that is tangible and holistic.

Christabelle is a practicum student full-filling requirements for registration. She currently offers sliding scale (reduced rate) sessions at $60. Please note, these sessions are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.
If you would like to work with Christabelle directly, email

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